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dtp entertainment - a competent partner


dtp entertainment publishes games and provides interesting co-publishing models around the world. A high-grade localization process ensures the success of dtp products in their target markets. dtp also has a proven track record as a publisher of licensed content.


dtp entertainment develops games with budgets that run into the millions. Our line-up features a variety of genres and numerous platforms - including next generation consoles. Our teams of international developers, producers and experienced game designers guarantee the outstanding quality of our products.


dtp entertainment is a widely-regarded, successful and reliable distributor of entertainment software for the German market. Our extensive contacts throughout the market and our highly experienced sales force make dtp an outstanding distribution partner. International partners will profit from dtp’s expertise and know how. dtp entertainment provides national and international distribution services for licensed products and finished goods. In addition to our core distribution services, dtp also offers optional added-value services (distribution + marketing + PR) that will enhance product delivery and success.


Dtp entertainment’s professional and experienced team creates and implements marketing and PR campaigns that are tailor-made to suit your title’s specific needs. Dtp entertainment places above and below the line advertisements in the appropriate on and offline media environments and at PoS. With our broad range of highly successful products, dtp has established itself as an exciting partner for in-game advertising and regularly acquires new partners in this field.

Public Relations

Thanks to our intensive media relations work, dtp entertainment and its products are regularly featured in specialist and general press channels. With our pro-active approach towards editorial collaboration, dtp generates comprehensive product exposure in print, online, radio and television channels.