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Countdown for Mission Genesis initiated by new trailer

Today dtp entertainment and Chimera Entertainment are releasing the first in-game trailer for the 3D browser game Mission Genesis.

The video presents the three rival factions in the game: The Antares Syndicate, the Oracle Brotherhood and the Dominion, which struggle for supremacy in the universe. The territorial battles are decided in thrilling skirmishes with giant battleships against the backdrop of the endless universe – and that`s in Everyone can participate in the closed beta of Mission Genesis. The Galaxy-Adventure of your life is just one click away:

Mission Genesis

About Mission Genesis:
Created by a formerly powerful species only known as the “Creators”, mysterious beams called “Genesis Rays” acted as the dominant form of travel in the galaxy. After the collapse of the enigmatic alien civilization theGenesis Rays crumbled, until only three remained active in the galaxy of Mission Genesis.

The discovery and use of the Genesis Rays by the human race marks the starting point for an exciting story about the conquest of the galaxy and the conflict of the three competing factions.

Starting at the far end of the universe, the player travels through foreign galaxys, fights against other player in hugetactic battles and loots valuable resources and technologies – for the glory of his faction.