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World premiere at E3: Black Mirror 3 set for release on the 5th of November 2010

The third installment of the horror adventure series Black Mirror will be available on the 5th of November 2010, at a cost of 39.99 Euro.

Black Mirror 3, like its predecessor, delivers a classic point & click adventure in 2.5D technology. The game uses a combination of stunning two-dimensional backgrounds, and detailed three-dimensional characters.

Back to our roots

The story centers on the Black Mirror castle in Willow Creek, and surrounding areas, thus tracing its roots to the original Black Mirror. You can explore a total of 62 different locations, some of which may be familiar to players of the original game, and all locations have a completely new graphical look.
The story connects with the end of Black Mirror 2, and promises a deep, mysterious story.

Driven by nightmares, plagued by the specter of murder

After his flight into the woods, Darren stands with a burning torch in his hand, and turns to look back at the blaze engulfing Black Mirror Castle. Confusion reigns...
A short time later, he barely reacts as the handcuffs are closed on his wrists. The police have arrested Darren as their main suspect, and subject him to extensive questioning. But Darren is numb to the events occurring around him, and he withdraws into a deep emptiness.

After three weeks of detention - and tormented by sleepless nights, nightmare-like visions, and the chilling specter of murder and death - Darren is set free. Darren is now alone. He must try to find out what has happened, and lift the veil on his clouded past. What did he really see with those jet black eyes, what does the nightmare mean? Who is the mysterious person who posted bail and set him free? What dark force lies behind the tangled web of riddles, mysterious secrets and entwined relationships?
The answers to all these questions await puzzle fans in the six chapters of this exciting adventure game.

The third part of the Black Mirror series has been developed by Cranberry Production in Hanover. The game will initially be released in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We will release more information about the game in the coming months.