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Product Details

Black Mirror 3 (UK)PC



Experience the final chapter of the thrilling and critically acclaimed saga that captured the imagination of the adventure community!

The story takes place in the 1990’s, twelve years after Black Mirror I and just seven minutes after the cliffhanger ending of Black Mirror II.
It starts all again when Darren is arrested and accused of homicide and malicious arson…

Key Features

  • Atmospheric Point´n´Click adventure inspired by classic horror movies.
  • Final chapter of one of the most popular and most successful adventure games.
  • Over 150 highly detailed locations.
  • More than 50 individually designed characters, mostly with different outfits (fitting the weather and situation of the scenery).
  • Unique achievement system for an adventure game.
  • Live recorded soundtrack.
  • Innovative comfort functions for the most individual level of difficulty in the genre.
  • Quest log with multi-stage hints.
  • State-of-the-art graphics with reflections and spectacular weather effects.