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Memento Mori 2 (UK)PC


Genre: Klassisches Adventure

Life and death, good and evil, love and hate... So in the lives of mortals is there any choice between these extremes? Does free will exist?

After the events of the first part, Lara and Max have become an item and have got married. Following on from their victory over the Angel of Death, there really ought to be nothing that can stand in the way of their joint happiness: Max is recovering from his physical and spiritual wounds. Lara has been recruited by Interpol. Life could be so sweet...

On their honeymoon trip to Cape Town, they find themselves overtaken by events. An ancient relic is stolen and once again there's bloody murder! Max suddenly disappears and everything points to his being killed in a tragic accident. At the same time there's also suspicion about his involvement in the murders and the theft of the artefact. Lara throws herself desperately into the investigations: Is Max still alive? Could he really be guilty? What's the Angel of Death got to do with all this?

Memento Mori II is an adventure thriller for adults and is presented in next-gen graphic quality unequalled in the genre!

Key Features

  • Atmospheric locations from all over the world rendered in 3D
  • Three playable characters
  • Different endings depending on game style
  • A profound tale of good and evil, laced with plot twists
  • Continuation of the highly praised adventure of 2008
  • Unequalled next-gen graphics quality (featuring Lipsync-tech)
Memento Mori 2 Teaser Trailer Memento Mori 2 Intro Trailer