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Arena Wars Reloaded PC (UK)PC

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Arena Wars Reloaded is a real time strategy game set in the future. The game strongly focuses on multiplayer action, featuring different modes (combat, cooperative, etc.) and even a webcam option to look the enemy in the eyes.

The original game was an astonishing success despite the fact it of being developed by a young and ambitious, but small team. Now exDream, based in northern Germany, have grown and completely reworked their debut hit.

The graphics quality of AW Reloaded has been considerably increased; all units and building objects have been completely redesigned. The game play was improved by adding new MP-maps to the popular multiplayer mode, a cooperative tournament, and reworking the 2on2 tournament for LAN and Internet. In addition, Arena Wars Reloaded will feature server bots, so you always find competitors to play with online.

Key Features

  • Units and buildings completely redesigned and graphically enhanced
  • New post screen shader for modern & beautiful look
  • New multiplayer maps
  • New cooperative multiplayer mode
  • New server bots

System Requirements


Windows 2000/XP/Vista, CPU 2.4 GHz, 768 MB RAM, DirectX 9/Open GL 2.0 compatible graphics card (e.g. Geforce FX or better), 8x DVD ROM, DirectX compatible soundcard, 300 MB free disk space


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