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The Cursed Crusade (UK)PS3

USK 18 beantragt
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The bloody times of the Crusades have returned!

The 12th century is drawing to a close and the Pope sanctions the fourth Crusade in order to conquer back the Holy City. Slip into the role of Denz de Bayle, a young Templar Knight from a dishonoured family, driven by a strong spirit and a wish for revenge. Afflicted by the Templar’s Curse, which bestows impressive strength upon him in battle, but which sooner or later will damn him to hell.
The Cursed Crusade tells this hero’s gripping story in a historical time when two cultures and their society’s values come crashing head-on. The fearless warrior has his Spanish companion Estaban Noviembre to support him, yet he too carries the curse with him.
These two different warriors are not only fighting for their survival on this perilous journey, but also ultimately for the freedom of their very souls.

Key Features

  • THE action highlight of summer 2011!
  • Experience 36 action-packed missions in the bloody age of the Crusades
  • Join with others to fight the Crusade in Co-op mode: The whole campaign can be conquered by two players: Online or offline in split-screen mode
  • Use the Templar’s Curse: a hellish parallel world which bestows you with even greater strength against your combat enemies.
  • Use over 100 bloody and spectacular death blows
  • Fight using up to 130 different weapons (sword, axe, crossbow…) and use over 400 different attacks
  • Employ 16 different combat techniques with individual actions and combos
  • Improve your character’s abilities by gaining experience points as you fight
  • Discover breathtaking settings, in both Europe and in the Orient
  • Encounter 8 historical characters on your adventurous journey
  • More than 60 minutes of cinematic linking sequences await you