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dtp entertainment releases patch for Lost Chronicles of Zerzura!

Today dtp entertainment releases a patch for Lost Chronicles of Zerzura that improves stability and sound quality. The patch and the patch notes are available at www.findezerzura.de

Lost Chronicles of Zerzura combines well-known voice actors, who breathe life into the characters, graphics that provides lively backgrounds, a variety of puzzles and an exciting setting about the "Atlantis of the desert" to a world-class adventure.

Lost Cronicles of Zerzura Screenshot

About Lost Chronicles of Zerzura:
Lost Chronicles of Zerzura is set in 1514 at the time of the Inquisition.The player assumes the role of the young inventor Feodor solving many riddles, traveling to different countries and discovering the cultures of the Mediterranean region. It all starts with Feodor and his brother Ramon building a flying machine in their workshop in Barcelona. Shortly before the two brothers can complete their invention, Ramon is abducted by the Inquisition and the fast-paced adventure begins.

The setting just before the dawn of the modern Age offers a variety of intriguing story elements. The realistic graphics and somber style promise authentic gameplay.

Lost Cronicles of Zerzura Screenshot

•       The latest adventure of Cranberry Production
•       Original background story about the Zerzura myth
•       Innovative 2,5D-graphic engine with hand-drawn backgrounds and
         rendered 3D figures
•       More than 50 scenes, some featuring day-night cycles
•       Locations around the Mediterranean area, from Barcelona to the Nile Valley
•       More than 50 characters